Book Nerd Bites: Rice and Rocks

Friday, January 27, 2017

Book Nerd Bites is an original monthly feature created by some lovely book bloggers Becca, Cyra, Kristie, Natasha, and I as part of the Book Blogger Creativity Project hosted by Nori. Thanks to my team for coming up with a fun and creative way to satisfy both our book-- and actual appetites!  
Each month we will be sharing exciting recipes inspired by some of our favorite books. Feel free to join in, but please make sure you link your post back to us so we can enjoy your favorite bookish delights as well!

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Today for my post for this project, I will be featuring...Rice and Rocks!

This book was delightful and beautifully illustrated. It is a children's book, but I believe that any age person can be benefit from this book. The book offers insight into another culture, as well as adventure. This book is worth picking up!

Information from Amazon:
Tradition takes flight in Rice & Rocks, a picture book celebrating culture and diversity.
Giovanni's friends are coming over for Sunday dinner, and his grandmother is serving rice and beans. Giovanni is embarrassed he does not like 'rice and rocks' and worries his friends will think the traditional Jamaican dish is weird. But his favorite Auntie comes to the rescue. She and Giovanni's pet parrot, Jasper, take him on a magical journey across the globe, visiting places where people eat rice and rocks. This exciting story celebrates the varied traditions of every culture while also highlighting the delicious similarities that bring us all together.

Finalist in the 2016 USA Best Book Awards

But that said, this book has inspired me to start thinking of new meal ideas and what will be cooking! I have done some searching and found a couple of Rice and Bean recipes that look like something that may be worth trying:

Food Network

All Recipes

Fine Cooking

Do you have a favorite rice recipe?

Happy Eating and Happy Reading!

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