Guest Post with Cinzia De Santis, Author of The Guide of Time

Thursday, January 5, 2017

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I am excited to be here today with a guest post from
Cinzia De Santis to talk about her upcoming book The guide of Time. I had a chance to ask her what inspired her to write the book  and this is what she shared with me. Happy Reading!


What inspired me to write this book
The seeds of The Guide of Time were sown many years ago when I was studying science at university. At that time, I came to realise that great discoveries were always a combination of hard work, serendipity and inspiration. Of the three, inspiration was the one that intrigued me the most. In the history of science, there are several well-known examples of moments of inspiration —Archimedes in the bath, Newton’s apple— but there are many others less known that are equally fascinating. I spent almost three years researching the lives of some extraordinary scientists and I discovered things I didn’t know about them that made me even more curious about the topic of inspiration. Scientists often describe it as the appearance of an idea out of nowhere, a ray of light that comes to them with dramatic suddenness and often a sense of certainty. Ancient Greeks and later Romans identified the Muse as the source of inspiration for arts, but, except for Urania —the Muse of astronomy— there wasn’t a Muse of science. What if scientific discoveries were inspired too? Where did these ideas come from? What if mankind has been guided by unseen hands? And what if other forces, equally powerful, promote fanaticism and hatred? The answer to these questions is the essence of the trilogy of The Guide of Time. Some may call it a “geeky” book, and I suppose I am a geek at heart.

Information About The Book/Author

Title of book: The Guide of Time. Book I: The Journey
Genre of book: Sci-Fi/Fiction/ Romance/Fantasy/ Historical Fantasy
Author name: Cinzia De Santis

Alexander von Rossen is the last in a line of the Guides of Time, an extraordinary force that has taken mankind to a higher state of knowledge. Over the centuries, by inspiring scientists to make great breakthroughs, the Guides have helped humans to transform their view of life and death. But the Guides have powerful enemies who want to keep mankind enslaved, in a permanent struggle between good and evil. Alexander faces an unexpected complication. Ariane Claret is a young woman with an extraordinary talent for music. She bursts into his life at a crucial moment and produces in him feelings he had never known before. Without realising it, she holds the secret to the victory or destruction of Alexander, the Guides and, ultimately, mankind.Book I: The Journey can be bought in Amazon

Cinzia De Santis was born in Italy, but moved to Venezuela as a baby. She studied Marine Biology and worked both in the non-profit and private sector as an environmentalist. As a teenager, Cinzia used to be an actor, performing both as an amateur and a professional and it was at that time that she started writing short stories. Cinzia moved to England in 2003 and lives in London with her husband and daughter. After a varied and exciting career, Cinzia decided to devote her time to her passions: books and travelling. The Guide of Time is her second novel in English. 

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