Book Review: Murder, DC

Monday, June 29, 2015

Author: Neely Tucker

Summary from Goodreads: An intellectual thriller with murder mystery twist, this book follows the details related to the murder of Billy Ellison, a prominent DC individual. When the police decide they do not have any leads, the book follows Sully Carter’s investigation as he keeps digging to get the truth of what happened.

Disclaimer: I was awarded this book through a giveaway on Good Reads. While I did not pay for the book, the opinions are strictly my own.

Personal Review:
This book was not my typical read. I don’t read a lot of mystery thrillers. However, I am trying to expand what I am exposed to, so I was happy to win this book. I really enjoyed that this book was set in the DC area, as this is the area I reside. I enjoyed reading about the different places and created a map in my head of the locations they visited.

I can tell that Sully’s character has some top-notch investigative skills. It was interesting to see how determined his next steps and how the story all played out. I thought it was a good read that I would have probably not tried out otherwise. Thanks for giving me the chance to try it!   

Happy Reading!

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