Book Review: Since You've Been Gone

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Author: Morgan Matson
Summary from Goodreads: Emily, a normally more introverted person, is about to have a summer she will never forget. In the book, her best friend Sloane goes missing. Emily receives a list in the mail from her of things that she must do. The list takes her on a wild, crazy adventure of a summer. It is not too long before she has met some new friends and done a few things she wouldn’t have otherwise.

Personal Review:
I enjoyed reading this book. I like when people are able to challenge their own thoughts about themselves and try something new. In the book, Emily is able to break out of her traditional mold and try a few new things! While doing so, she meets some new friends.

My favorite part of this book was Emily’s character. Even though she finds that she is in a hard place of not knowing where her best friend is at, she tries hard to keep her memory alive. She had intended to physically spend the summer with her best friend, but when that is not possible, she finds a way to do so mentally.


I liked the book.

Happy Reading!

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