#Rainbowthon Part 2

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Well, the week is over and I am happy to report a successful #rainbowthon week. For those of you unfamiliar with the events, the ladies at Carpe This Librum hosted a week long event encouraging you to read a book with each color of the rainbow!

Let me recap the week:

Day 1-June 15
Read 308 Pages!

Day 2-June 16
Day2 progress: 276 pgs. Up to 584 total. Red and yellow books complete, starting on green!

Day 3-June 17
Day3 progress: 197 pgs. Up to 784 total. Red, yellow, green books complete, starting on blue!

Day 4-June 18
Day4progress: 172 pgs. Up to 956total. Red, yellow, green books complete, working on blue!

Day 5-June 19
Day5progress: 318 pgs. Up to 1,274 total.  Red, yellow, green, blue books complete, working on purple!

Day 6-June 20

Day6 progress: 261 pgs. Up to 1,535 total.  Red, yellow, green, blue, purple books complete, only orange left!

Day 7-June 21
Day7: 80 pgs. 1,615 total. Red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and orange books complete! (Not the Orange I planned but good anyway!)

I had alot of fun and I learned alot! Most importantly, while it was awesome to read so much-I think for readathons, smaller books are better. I will still read those large ones, but probably not during the readathons going forward. I enjoyed the 'book sprints' greatly, so I will probably try to keep doing those. All in all a great time!

Happy Reading! 

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