Book Review: Underground Railroad

Monday, June 22, 2015

Author: National Park Service

Summary from Goodreads:

A historical overview of the Underground Railroad, the secret enterprise to move people from the South to the North to freedom. A very quick read, recommend for anyone looking for information about this period of time that changed America.

Personal Review:
I have always been fascinated by the Underground Railroad and the stories related to it. I think I read a book as a kid in which someone stumbled across a secret passageway that was part of the network. I am pretty sure it was a fiction story, but it got my attention none the less.

In this brief read, there is insight offered regarding the history of the Railroad. A number of investigations have been done to explore the ‘stories’ from the ‘truth’ of those who experienced this during their life. I loved the historical aspects for this book. Makes me want to travel to see as many of the sites as possible.  

Happy Reading!

 *Note: This is my orange book for the #Rainbowthon!

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