Book Review: Still Alice

Monday, June 8, 2015

Author: Lisa Genova

Summary from Goodreads:

This is the story of Alice, a Harvard professor, who develops early onset Alzheimer’s. The novel follows the disease and the impact on her life and her loved ones. The book is a moving read.

Personal Review:

I really needed this book. I have been hoping for a book that made me feel deeply and this one certainly fit the ticket. I cannot even imagine the emotions of having a loved one or to be the loved who is starting to not remember your life. The idea of this in itself is terrifying for me.

That said, the book was well executed. There was a good balance of medical terminology and personal experiences that balanced out the plot. The author discusses the various phases, but in a tactful way.  I would have loved to know more about the emotions of the other characters, but I think that maybe the movie will add something on that for me. I know the purpose of this book was to explain what Alice was experiencing.


I recommend this book for anyone looking for a profound book.

Happy Reading!

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