Book Review: Backpacking Basics

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Author: Clyde Soles

Summary from Goodreads:

A quick brief insider’s guide to the basic set of information you should know before you go backpacking. This book was a super-fast read to get you on the path for you next adventure.
I highly recommend this book.

Personal Review:
I liked this book! Confession: I wanted a quick book to help me get through the 7in7 readathon challenge and this fit the ticket of what I have been working on, to learn more about the proper ways of backpacking. The book was a brief overview filled with good information.

It is small and would fit in your packet. It gives you a way to get some quick information in a short amount of time. I enjoyed the descriptions of what basic items can help you to be successful in your quest to get outdoors.


Happy Reading!

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