Book Review: Extraordinary Means

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Author: Robyn Schneider

Summary from Goodreads: This book is the story of Lane, who is suffering from tuberculosis. What begins as a curse and a sentence to Latham House, soon becomes a story of new friendship and adventure. Lane learns about who wants to be and how it is okay to change your mind if the path you were on was not the right one.
Personal Review:
This book I picked based on the cover. Not going to lie, it is beautiful! While the story started off a little slow for me, I have to say in the end I was crying along with the pages. The story is well written and I believe would appeal to a lot of audiences: those that want a love story, those who believe in second chances, and those who looking for the good old coming of age story.


I have not had a chance to read The Beginning of Everything and after reading this one, I am inclined to pick it up. The book jacket tells me that the author is a youtube person. Interesting to see the connection between that stream and writing. (I guess it has been around for a while, I have just been missing it!) 

Happy Reading!

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