Book Review: The Mine and Indiana Belle

Thursday, June 23, 2016

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Just stopping by today with a couple of reviews of books by author John Heldt. John reached out to me regarding two of his books and he shared copies with me. I hadn't heard of his books before, but I appreciated the opportunity to check them out. While he provided them to me, all views are my own. 


Author: John Heldt
Book: The Mine (Northwest Passage Series)

In this book, we meet Joel. Joel is an adventurer with a big attitude. I have to be honest, I am not sure I cared for the character at first. I think he gets softer as the pages progress. In one of his adventures he encounters a mine. In this mine, when he emerges he is taken back to the early 1940's. This is a very unknown time for him and very different than the modern day world he is used to. We get to explore with Joel as he makes sense of the world around him. I enjoyed the plot of this book and the story was one that kept me entertained.

I can't imagine what it would be like to go back 60 years in history and I think that the author did a good job of capturing that unknown. I also found the author did a good job of creating a picture that represented the 1940's. For someone who doesn't know much about that era, the book did a good job of painting a vivid picture in my head.

I enjoyed this book. If you like books about adventure and time travel, I recommend picking up this one.


Author: John Heldt

Book: Indiana Belle (American Journey Series)

In this book, we meet Cameron who is working on his doctoral dissertation about the 1920's. When he is given a box of goodies that includes a picture of a mysterious woman, the adventure just begins. Similar to The Mine, we find ourselves along with the characters in a  time travel and adventure.

I enjoyed the plot of this book and the characters. I was a little worried that I may have missed something because I had not read the earlier books in this series, but actually the story flowed easily and I felt like I could follow it alright. I enjoy the writing style of the author and his books provide for entertaining reads.

If you like books about exploration, the 1920's, or adventure, this just may be the book for you.


Have you read either of these books?

Happy Reading! 

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