Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Just stopping by with another fun reading challenge-#TomeTopple. The idea for this read-a-thon is to get through as many tomes (a tome being any book over 500 pages) as possible. It will be taking place from June 6-June 19th. This is being hosted by: @thoughtsontomes.

There are also optional challenges you can participate in:
  1. Read more than one tome
  2. Take a graphic novel break
  3. Read a tome that is part of a series
  4. Read 500+ pages in one week
  5. Read an adult novel
Seeing as I have been putting off two massive books in my collection (Illuminae and Steve Jobs), I thought this might a great motivator and something fun to participate in!

Are you participating? If so, what are you reading?

Happy Reading!   

6/19 Note: Well the good news is that I read one Tome and was able to accomplish the goal of four of the challenges. I had had hoped to get to one more, but it was just not the cards for me. I think having this one at the same time as #readorama was hard. I ended up reading some books for that challenge that would have equaled out to be another tome. It's okay though, I got through one I had been putting off and I am so glad! :) Thanks for the fun challenge!  

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