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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Happy Summer and welcome to the Summer Blog Promo Tour hosted by The Book Bratz! I am so excited to have been selected to be part of the tour in which I get to help promote other bloggers to you this summer on Sundays during the months of July and August! I also get the fun opportunity to post on their blogs, so I hope you will check out their posts as well!

Without further ado, let's continue this process with Kat from Perks of a Book Nerd! She is sharing with us today some of her favorite travel spots! Please help me by giving her a warm welcome!



Hi guys, it's Kat from Perks of a Book Nerd. Over the past fifteen odd years I've travelled quite a bit. I love to go on holiday, so sue me! HA! If it's in England, it doesn't count. So here we go:

My top 5 places I’ve visited.

San Francisco, USA:
When I first did a tour of the states, I included San Fran (as the natives call it. :P ) and fell in love with the place instantly. The sights are magnificent, especially around Fisherman’s Wharf, and lots of places to shop and eat at. I’ve since been to San Francisco 3 times, i believe. Maybe four. It’s definitely tie for first place with San Diego (which I’ve been to 6 times for Comic Con).

Wales might be only next door to England, but it’s still a distance, and I always get excited whenever I get a chance to visit. I’ve been to both ends, Prestatyn (North) and Pembrokeshire (South) and they’re both equally as beautiful. I first went to Wales with my dad; we went to Tenby and I spent time playing mini golf and archery. Wasn’t much, but it was a trip I won’t ever forget.

Halifax, Nova Scotia:
On my tour of Canada, Halifax was my first stop, as I was visiting a friend who lives near there. Canada is so nice: the people; the scenery; quaint, too. I’ve wanted to go back, but it’s expensive and there’s plenty other places I’d love to go to as well. Halifax stood out more because of how old everything seemed, more so than other places. I spent a week there and loved every moment of it. 

On a cruise many years ago (I think i was about 16/17) we had a day in Rome, and though I didn’t get to see much, I still saw the Spanish Steps and a couple of museums. The food is amazing and I wish I’d had more time because man, it’s a sight to see. There was one place where I had home made pizza. I know. Pizza! Haha, of all foods! But really, it was great. Many people think pizza and pasta is the only Italian food out there, but they’re wrong. That brings me to when I went to Venice and over ate Pizza for a week. Didn’t eat anymore for about 4 years. True story. Venice is also very lovely with the sights, the fact you have to go by boat to most places. I did feel a little sea sick for some of the time, though. Always feeling, even on mainland, that I was at sea.

I’ve been to Malta about three times and each time I love it. Though one year I spent a birthday there and was ill for half the holiday. It’s not necessarily the food or the people that I love (though those are good too) but the sights as well.  Some of the buildings are so old and everything’s so awe-worthy. Definitely a country worth going to if you ever get the chance. 

Thanks so much to Valerie for having me! :)

Makes my wanderlust go a little crazy! :) Thanks Kat for being here today!

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