Thank You Ann M. Martin

Monday, August 1, 2016

Dear Ann M. Martin,

I am writing to you once again because there are a few things I need to say. First let me clarify 'once again'. When I was a little girl, I wrote to you (along with I am sure 1000's of others) to express to my love for the Babysitter's Club books. I demanded (yeah, I wasn't the nicest of kids) that you sign this pink piece of paper and send it back to me. I am not so sure why I thought that I had the right to do that, but you (or least someone on your behalf) did that for me and it was one of the happiest days of my young life.

You were my favorite author and having something that you signed meant the world to me.
You see back then the Babysitters Club books were everything to me. They were adventure, escape, friendship, and magic to me. They meant for the first time ever, I had something that I could talk about with the 'popular kids' in my class. I am not trying to tell you some sob story/woe is me story, but I grew up in a house where we didn't have a lot of money. When you grow up in a small town like I did, money and status made a big difference or at least it seemed like it did. The books gave me a common ground with others and because of the books, I actually made friends. I appreciated that so very much.

So that is why when I heard you were going to be speaking at Book Con this year, I flew all the way across the country (from DC to Chicago) to see you speak. I have to be honest, I barely slept the night before. I was so glad to finally see you in person and hear you tell us about the experience of writing the books. When it finally happened, it never occurred to me what you had to have gone through to keep writing those books. The books as you mentioned, took the girls to 1001 different places and I am sure coming up with all of those ideas was not easy. I never once thought about the toll it could take on a person to have to deliver that story over and over. Instead, I selfishly thought about how each time I could get my hands on a new story, my world was a little bit better.  I thought about how the books shaped me, challenged me, and engaged me. They made me the reader that I am today and for that I am grateful.

So on the 30th anniversary of the BSC, I really just want to say sum up this letter by saying a true and heartfelt thank you. Thank you for the extra effort that you put into those books. Thank you for all that you did to make childhood better and for many others also in my generation. I am glad that the books live on and are continuing to inspire young readers.

Your books have made a difference in my life and I am truly grateful.


Still one of your biggest fans

PS. I am still anxiously awaiting Missy Piggle Wiggle! :)

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