Dewey's 2 Hour Mini Challenge

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hi Everyone!

In this challenge we are supposed to reflect on five childhood book memories. So here are mine! I hope you enjoy reading them as much I do remembering them.

1)   I have always been drawn to books. I am not sure why, but it was the one thing that my little sister wouldn't try to take away from me. I would memorize every line of every story and then pretend that I knew how to "read it" back to her. The earliest book I remember doing this with was Chicken Soup with Rice.  Yep, everyone knows Where the Wild Things Are-beautiful book, same guy, this one equally as awesome.

2)  I think my love for books was promoted by teachers who read to us. In first grade, I could tell that my teacher loved story time as much as I did. Even in 7th grade, my teacher would read with us. This was an important role modeling of the books that were important in life. We read books like the BFG, the True Story of 3 Little Pigs, so many wonderful ones.

3)  Who didn't love the Scholastic Book Orders? I mean seriously! It was my dream to order every single thing on those sheets. I remember getting Sweet Valley Books, Goosebumps, stickers by Lisa Frank, all of the cool things.

4) Book It Pizza and State Reading Certificates. If you completed your monthly goal of 4 books you would get pizza for that month! The state of North Dakota wanted you to read 18 books a year. I loved it.

5) The books that shaped and defined my childhood, The Babysitters Club. These books were everything. They gave me friends, they gave me entertainment, I loved every second of reading them. I once wrote a letter to Ann M. Martin to tell her thank you and she wrote back! I cherished that letter. I am excited to see her speak at Book Con next month!

What are some of your fave childhood reading memories?

Happy Reading!

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