Friday, April 8, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday!

I am participating in the #TBRTakedown readathon that starts today and goes through the 10th hosted by @leaninglights. This readathon mostly takes place on Twitter, so if you're interested in participating, be sure to follow the official twitter account @TBRTakedown.
#TBRTakedown has four challenges to complete over the three days and here are the books I hope to read:
1. Standalone-Cleo
2. Most Recent Haul-The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Read What Happens in the Alps
3. Catch Up in a Series-Four
4. TBR Shelf Over a Year (or the longest)-Newt's Emerald-1/2 ways

I am also traveling during this time, so I am not sure if I will get a chance to get them all done, but I hope to! Are you participating? If so, what are you reading?

Happy Reading! 

Summary:I wrapped up this event with finishing 3.5 books. I did finish the 4th today, but it was after the fact. I enjoyed this readathon! Thanks to @leaninglights for hosting.