Genrethon April 10-17

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Just stopping by with a quick announcement to let you know that I am participating in the Genrethon!  I have never done this one before it does seem a little bit You Tube Focused. I wont be making videos, but I do plan to participate here. I love the idea of reading books in a variety of genres!

This event is being hosted by:
Squibbles Reads, Under the Radar Books, Vienna Waits Books, and Lauren & the Books!

The goal is to read:
1) At least 3 Books
2) At least 3 Genres

Here is the list of books I hope to read:
1) The Smell of Other People's Houses (YA)
I was first drawn to this book based on the cover. It is stunning. The story inside is one of four different people and how their lives are connected. In each person's telling of their lives, you learn about them and what it is that makes them who they are. I enjoyed the multiple perspectives of this book. 

2)Who Cloned the President (Childrens)
This book is one I read based off a recommendation from my niece. She says she really loves these books and I needed a different genre for this readathon. I enjoyed the fact that the story was set in Washington DC. It was a cute story from a kids perspective about the White House and the president. I enjoyed it.

3)  Grandma Gatewood's Walk (Book about real life story)
This book was very inspiring! I loved it. In this book, the author recounts Grandma Gatewood's walk on the Appalachian Trail. Not only do we hear what was going on in the news, but we get a better understanding of her life and what it was that pushed her towards doing this walk. She was one tough lady and I loved it.

Are you participating? If so, what do you plan to read?

Happy Reading! 

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