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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Just stopping by with another quick reading recap. Here is a quick summary of a few books that I have finished for part of the #ARCApril reading challenge.

A dark memoir about a guy named Rob who learns that he is a dementia like sickness. In his sickness, he starts to develop memory loss. In an effort to preserve his thoughts and memories, he starts to recall them. The book jumps from memory to memory. Depending on the memory, there are number of them that are interesting reads. I think that the point is that sometimes you may recall things that happen one way but that maybe was not quite the whole truth. An interesting book.

The Path
A book that is full of wisdom from famous Chinese philosophers. I enjoyed this book because it is full of the teachings from the past and how they are still relevant today.  A major theme that I took away from this book was that related to the relationships around us. It is not by simple, passive acts that you can maintain them. If we can step up and make things a habit, they are more likely to succeed. A lot of interesting insight for this book.

I Know What I am Doing
In the newest book by Jen Kirkman, she is now experiencing a divorce. In this book, we get taken along for the ride as she copes with that situation and her attempts to find herself again. In a number of new experiences, we are provided with the opportunity to tag along in her personal life. I enjoyed this book and laughed at a few of the stories. A good book for those who are coping with something serious, but are looking for a new way of looking at the issue.

Where You’ll Find Me
In this book, we meet Anna whose world seems to be falling apart. Her bff Dani has recently said that she doesn’t want to be friends anymore, her mom and dad recently divorced, her new step-mom and baby are a handful, and the list goes on and on. In this finding your place in a chaotic world we are given the chance to go with Anna as she learns to cope with what is going on around her. Though it is not what she would expect it to be, it is an interesting adventure. I enjoyed reading this book.

The Stars of Summer
This book was so adorable! I know it is intended for younger audiences, but I loved it. In this book we are reacquainted with Gladys. I will be honest, I didn’t read the first book, but now I definitely want to. In this book, Gladys is continuing to keep her secret meanwhile attending summer camp. (No spoilers!) The book is cute and funny and right on point for those who enjoy food. I really enjoyed this book.

The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett
Let me start off by saying that I should have read this book awhile ago. I was sent a copy, but unfortunately it kept getting put off. That said, I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read. In this book, we meet Rosy who is coping with a number of challenges at home. We find her at a wits end. Just when you think that not much can be taken, things turn around. The book is a cute read with a little romance thrown in. I don’t want to say too much in efforts of not spoiling it.

Glory Over Everything
I read this book because I really enjoyed The Kitchen House. This book was of a similar fashion and had a familiar feel. Similar to TKH, this book was one in which we got to know the characters and the plot was well written. Slightly different, this one in my mind was more thriller than quest for freedom. It still had that theme, but the approach was different in my mind. There was a romance story line that was interesting, but tragic as well. A good, heart breaking read.

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Happy Reading! 

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