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Here is a list of books I have reviewed on this site. They are in ABC order by author last name, first name and then title of the book. 


   Allison, John and Cogar, Whitney-Giant Days Vol.1
  Alsaid, Adi-Never, Always, Sometimes
  Andrews, Jesse-Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
  Andrews, Mary Kay-Beach Town
  Atke, Leyla-Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat
  Avery, Lara-The Memory Book

  Backman, Fredrick-A Man Called Ove
  Bareilles, Sara-Sounds Like Me
  Barnes, Jennifer Lynn-The Fixer
  Barnes, Jennifer Lynn-The Long Game
  Baum, Frank-Magical Monarch of Mo 
  Bauxbaum, Julie-Tell Me Three Things
  Bechdel, Alison-Fun Home
  Benjamin, Ali-The Thing About Jellyfish 
  Bernhard, Toni-How To Wake Up 
  Blume, Judy-In the Unlikely Event 
  Birley, Jan-The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett
  Blanco, Jodee-Please Stop Laughing at Me
  Bowen, James-A Street Cat Named Bob
  Boylan, Jennifer-She's Not There
  Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker-Halfway to the Sky
  Brantley, Jeffrey-Daily Meditations
  Breslaw, Anna-Scarlet Epstein Hates it Here

  Brown, Brene-Rising Strong
  Brown, Helen-Cleo: The Cat Who Mended A Family 
  Bonds, Rebecca-Escape from Baxter's Barn

  Cabori, Cristina-The Secret Ways of Perfume
  Calagione, Sam-Brewing Up a Business
  Camden, Steven-It's About Love
  Campbell, Colin-Free Days With George 
   Carelson, JC-Placebo Junkies
  Caroli, Betty Boyd-Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson
  Castellucci,Cecil-The Plain Janes
  Castellucci, Cecil-Janes in Love

Center, Katherine-Happiness for Beginners 
Chase, Bethany-Results May Vary
Clark, Katherine-The Headmaster's Darlings
Crosby, Ellen-The Merlot Murders 
Crosswell, Tom-The King Cat of Havana  
Cunningham, Liz-Ocean Country

Dahl, Roald-Matilda
Daiman, Tara-The Stars of Summer
Daiman, Tara-Stars So Sweet
Danmiller, Scott-A Year Without a Purchase
Darinelle, John-Wolf in White Van
Demetrios, Heather-I'll Meet You There
Docherty, Helen and Thomas-The Story Book Knight 
Dryer, Stephen and Jonah Lisa-The Season

Elton, P.M.-Ghostly Tales of Selected VA State Parks
Ewalt, David-Of Dice and Men
Exupery-De Saint, Antoine-The Little Prince

Fenton, Liz-The Year We Turned Forty

Fetchor, Jessica-Stir, My Broken Brain
Fiade, Beth-Werewolf Weekend 
Fifield, Richard-The Flood Girls 
Finch, Kay-Black Cat Crossing
Friend, Natasha-Where You'll Find Me
Frost, Kate-Beneath the Apple Blossom

Galbraith, Robert-Career of Evil 
Garcia, Mia-Even If the Sky Falls

Genova, Lisa-Still Alice 
George, Nina-The Little Paris Bookshop
Gessner, Marina-The Distance From Me To You
Goldberg, Michelle-The Goddess Pose
Grant, Adam-Originals
Green, Jane-Falling
Grissom, Kathleen-The Kitchen House
Grissom, Kathleen-Glory Over Everything
Graham, Phillip-The Memory of Bread
Groff, Lauren-Fates and Furies  
Guillebeau, Chris-Born for This
Guillebeau, Chris-The Pursuit of Happiness
Gurian, Michael-The Lessons of Lifelong Intimacy

Haddock, Nancy-Basket Case 
Hagendorf, Colin Atrophy-The Slice Harvester
Hannah, Kristin-Firefly Lane 
Hartland, Jessi-Steve Jobs: Insanely Great
Hawkins, Rachel-Miss Mayhem
Hawkins, Rachel-Rebel Belle
Hecht, Tracey-The Nocturnals: The Ominous Eye
Heldt, John-The Mine
Heldt, John-Indiana Belle
Hendrix, Grady-My Best Friends Exorcism
Henry, Emily-Love That Split the World
Higgins-Clark, Mary-Mt. Vernon Love Story
Hilderbrand, Elin-The Rumor
Hilderbrand, Elin-Here's To Us
Hilderbrand, Elin-Winter Stroll
Hinton, Lynne-The Case of the Sin City Sister 
Hinton, Lynne-Sister Eve, Private Eye
Hitchcock, Bonnie-Sue, The Smell of Other People's Houses
Hobbs, Roger-Ghost Man 

Hobbs, Roger-Vanishing Games
Hodges, Andrew-Alan Turing
Holland, Mina-The World on A Plate
Holt, Nathalia-The Rise of the Rocket Girls
Horn, Sam-Got Your Attention


Ilgunas, Ken-Trespassing Across America

Jennings, Holly-Arena
Jerams, Becky-Reasons to Love a Nerd Like Me
Jewel-Never Broken: Songs are only half the story
Johnson, Plum-They Left Us Everything
Jordan, Cat-The Leaving Season 

Kaplan, Janice-The Gratitude Diaries
Karalius, Kimberly-Love, Fortunes, and Other Disasters 
Kate, Angelica-Discord
Kaufman, Amie and Kristoff, Jay-Illuminae 
Kelsky, Karen-The Professor Is In
Kendo, Marie-The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up 
Knight, Sarah-The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F%&* 
Kozol, Jonathan-The Theft of Memory
Kinsella, Sophie-Shopaholic to the Stars
Kinsella, Sophie-Finding Audrey
Kinsella, Sophie-Shopaholic to the Rescue
Kirkman, Jen-I Know What I Am Doing 
Krakauer, Jon-Missoula 
Kriegman, Mitchell-Things I Can't Explain

Lankford, Andrea-Ranger Confidential
Larson, Susie-Your Sacred Yes 
Leder, Meg-The Museum of Heartbreak
Leigh, Eva-Forever Your Earl
Leiris, Antoine-You Can't Have My Hate

Levithan, David and LeCour, Nina-You Know Me Well
Lord, Emery-When We Collided 
Lord, Emery-The Start of Me and You
Lord, Emery-Open Road Summer
Lunde, Darrin-The Naturalist

Macomber, Debbie-Dakota Born/Dakota Home/Always Dakota/Buffalo Valley

Maggs, Sam- The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks
Malone, Jen-Wanderlost
Martin, Ann M.-Kristy's Great Idea
Martin, Ann M. -The Truth About Stacey
Martin, Ann M.-Mary Anne Saves The Day
Martin, Ann M. -Claudia and Mean Janine
Martin, Ann M. -A Corner of the Universe
Martin, George RR-Game of Thrones
Martin, Wednesday-Primates of Park Avenue
Mason, John-Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight
Matson, Morgan-Since You’ve Been Gone
McMillan, Terry-I Almost Forgot About You
McDonald, Debroah and Dronfield, Jeremy-A Very Dangerous Woman
McRobbie, Linda-Princesses Behaving Badly
Mills, Emma-First and Then
Mitchell, Shay-Bliss
Monniger, Joseph-Whippoorwill
Montgomery, Ben-Grandma Gatewood's Walk
Moriarity, Liane-Big Little Lies
Moriarity, Liane-The Husband's Secret

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